3rd Transnational Partners’ Meeting in Vratsa, Bulgaria

On the 20th and 21st of June 2023, the SFaB consortium met in Vratsa, Bulgaria for the third Transnational Project Meeting, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Vratsa.

The Project partners got together to reflect on the progress made so far and to plan  their next steps regarding the implementation of the upcoming deliverables. Among the discussed topics, was the finalization of the MOOC platform in all partners’ languages, meaning English, Greek, French, German, Spanish, and Bulgarian and the planning of the next steps regarding the SFaB Toolkit which will be developed in the following months.

Another very interesting aspect of the TPM in Vratsa, was a visit planned by the Chamber to local family businesses in the tourism sector. This visit was an opportunity for partners to see how a local Family Business is organized and brought them in touch with how such businesses operate and build their development plan .

The consortium members were very pleased with the outcomes of the meeting, which confirmed and strengthened the harmonious cooperation between them. The next Team Meeting will be taking place in Vienna on the 20-21st of February 2024, when all deliverables are expected to be fully completed. All partners are looking forward to getting together and cooperating face to face once again!