Multiplier Events

Reciprocal partnerships are key to successful collaborations for community change. Multiplier events will present the project aims, objectives and results. Participants will be invited to join the conversation about family business, its unique features, and needs. This is an act of spreading knowledge regarding Family Business and their role in EU economy.

SFaB, Reus, Multiplier Event, 20 May 2022

SFaB, Vratsa, Multiplier Event, 29 July 2022

SFaB, Vienna, Multiplier Event, 28 June 2022

SFaB, Lyon, Multiplier Event, 6&12 July 2022

SFaB, Chios, Multiplier Event, 12 May 2022

SFaB, Brussels, Multiplier Event, 30 August 2022

SFaB, Athens, Multiplier Event, 31 August 2022