SFaB, Athens, Multiplier Event, 31 August 2022

On the 31st of August, ReadLab organised a multiplier event for the SFaB Project that took place virtually. The central aim of the multiplier event was to strengthen the overall impact of the SFaB Project by disseminating the Project, its main objectives and results to the target group; an audience closely related to the concept of Family Business.

In this context, ReadLab invited experts from different backgrounds in the field of Family Business to participate in the event and to join a discussion about experiences, challenges, and research background. Thus, this multiplier event included both the presentation of the SFaB project and a broader analysis of the role and importance of Family Businesses within Greece and within EU.

In addition to that, during the event, associate Professor Ioannis Kinias from the University of the Aegean and Coordinator of the SFaB project, gave a lecture on the specific characteristics of Family Businesses. The next guest speaker was  Mr Ilias Georgopoulos, Scientific Officer of IME GSEVEE . Mr. Georgopoulos presented the factors that shape the resilience of Family Businesses. Last but not least, Ms Eleni Tzoka Stecka, Projects Coordinator at Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne, gave the last lecture, focusing on intergenerational entrepreneurship for family businesses.

After a general presentation of the project, its main goals and objectives, the main results were presented. Emphasis was given to the SFaB MOOC and participants were asked to  follow the news of the project through the website to be informed for its official roll-out so they could enrol in it.

To sum up, the most was made out of this multiplier event, with the participation of the interested parties facilitating the broad dissemination of the SFaB project to a larger audience.