A family business of more than a century integrated into the international market 


Name of the provider / Family business 


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Food & Drinks Sector / Over 1.500 employees

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Innovation, Ownership, Succession 



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One of the biggest businesses in Greece, E.I PAPADOPOULOS S.A. produces Biscuits, Bread & Tortillas, Bread substitutes, Salty snacks & crackers and Cereal bars.

Its long history goes back to Constantinople of 1922. Refugees due to the Asia Minor Catastrophe, the mother of the Papadopoulou family and her sons settled in Athens and started the production of the now famous biscuits of the same name. The family bought an oven, where the mother baked the biscuits, that her children later sold in bulk. By 1938 they had opened their first factory with made-in-Greece machinery. By 1996 the company had not only survived the Second World War and its economic crisis but had also conquered the market and opened three more factories.

E.I PAPADOPOULOS S.A. has always been a family business, with its leadership being transferred from one family member to the next, while the female presence since the company’s founding is also worth mentioning. When Nikolaos, one of the two original sons, died in 1968, the management was left to the other one, Evangelos. In 1995, the reins were passed to the latter’s daughter, Ioanna. In 2015, the fourth generation of the family, Evangelos Papadopoulos-Argyropoulos took over as Vice President and Deputy CEO.

E.I PAPADOPOULOS S.A. is one of the biggest and most successful businesses in Greece up to this day. During its history of more than 100 years, it has launched some revolutionary products for the country’s standards while keeping up to date with the market’s demands.

It has a presence on 5 continents and during 2023 it managed to increase the number of countries in which it operates from 61 (in 2021) to 67. The company’s management has an export business plan, according to which the focus is on making a reasonable profit in order to favour investment and preserve its workplace. Despite the related to the economy difficulties, the headquarters of E.I. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. have never been moved outside of Greece.