From the little meadow to the big market


Name of the provider / Family business 

Zorov 91- Dimityr Zorov ET (sole trader)

Professional sector and company size 

Diary processing, livestock breeding with around 220 employees

Need/problems/challenge addressed 

Family business strategy – planning and implementation; Women in business 




Link to more information  

ParShevitsa Dairy is a family business specialising in the production of dairy products such as fresh milk, sour milk, cheese and kashkaval (yellow cheese), as well as livestock farming. The company has a unique closed-loop organic system that covers everything from animal feed to the production of milk and dairy products, making it one of the leading dairy producers in Bulgaria. Founded by Dimitar Zorov and his wife Mariyana Zorova, the company has become the largest producer of dairy products in the country, holding 25-30% of the market share in the mid- to high-end dairy segment. 

Dimitar Zorov, together with his parents and wife, started the entrepreneurial journey in 1994 and restored the production of Kashkaval under the ParShevitsa brand. Within three years, they opened a hotel next to the farm, attracting guests from all over the world who appreciated the taste of homemade dishes prepared with pure ingredients. Recognising the potential for growth, the Zorov family decided to expand their business further and in 2000 began producing other dairy products such as yoghurt, fresh milk and cheese. 

Dimitar Zorov’s commitment to quality and sustainability gave him an idea that would set ParShevitsa apart. He decided to breed animals specifically for milk production to ensure the quality of the final product. In 2006, the Zorov family started a sheep farm, followed by a dairy cow farm. To promote environmental sustainability, they installed a biogas plant that converts waste into usable energy. Currently, the family farms 55,000 hectares of land and grows various crops such as alfalfa, maize, triticale, peas and wheat, completing the entire cycle from feed production to dairy product manufacturing. This self-sufficiency is an achievement once considered impossible for farmers in Western Europe. 

Behind the success of ParShevitsa diary is a team of strong and capable women who play an important role in the family business. Mariyana Zorova, wife of Dimitar Zorov, leads the marketing and management of the “ParShevits” farm and ensures the brand’s awareness and success. The daughter, Silviya Zorova, has been involved in the business from a young age. Having completed her studies in the UK, she currently manages the family hotel and has the potential to run the entire family business in the future. Thanks to her commitment to quality, the brand has gained international recognition and currently exports about 20% of its production to countries such as Germany, England, the USA, Italy, Slovenia and others. To maintain the integrity of his products, Dimitar Zorov strictly rejects the use of additives that could endanger the health of consumers