Participating in company development programs


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Service provider in plant, animal and mineral extraction, <50 employees

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Development: Participating in company development programs (skills)



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Founded in 1997, Veg’Extra is a family-owned company specializing in the extraction and purification of “high added value molecules”. Originally focusing on carrot and onion concentrates in the food industry, the company expanded its services to cater to cosmetic and food supplement brands, enhancing its added value by 2000. Following Lionel Fleutry’s decision to pass the torch to his son Laurent in 2015, the family enterprise continued to flourish. Veg’Extra’s journey towards success includes significant development, such as participating in the “Dinamic” program offered by CCI 49 to enhance its performance.

The CCI 49, is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of France’s Maine-et-Loire department. As a local chamber, their primary role is to support and promote local businesses. They offer a range of services, resources, and programs aimed at assisting businesses with their growth, development, and overall performance through training, workshops, networking events, business advisory services, and access to funding opportunities.

The DINAMIC+ program offers an accelerated approach for SMEs from the Maine-et-Loire department to improve cash flow and working capital, providing expert guidance in business strategy to ensure the business’s sustainability. It caters to companies aiming to strengthen their business, regain profitability and growth, and enhance their cash flow. The team of consultants involved in the program possess a diverse range of expertise, including operational and financial restructuring, crisis management, financial planning, treasury and working capital management, sales development, and internal performance optimization. The program which runs for 9 to 12 months reports that over 80% of participants have experienced a positive turnaround in their business activity through this program. Veg’Extra, having participated in the Dinamic program was satisfied with the experience and now aims to join a second round, focusing more on enhancing quality.

As Veg’Extra looks to the future, the company plans to modernize its production site, making significant improvements to environmental standards, safety measures, and operational efficiency. With ambitions to reach a €10 million annual turnover and triple its workforce over the next decade, Veg’Extra demonstrates the remarkable impact that participating in company development programs can have on achieving sustainable growth and success.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in France actively support family businesses and offer tailored solutions, such as the “School of Managers” network, a program designed to train and prepare family members and employees who aspire to take over their company, providing them with valuable apprenticeship-style training while working on their future business. They can act as a wonderful, local resource for small businesses and family businesses which can take advantage of these programs to professionalize and improve performance.