A big family with an impressive family business strategy and strong traditions


Name of the provider / Family business 

Grup Raventós-Codorníu 

Professional sector and company size 

Winery (producer of cava), 800 employees

Need/problems/challenge addressed 

Family governance mechanisms; Family business strategy – planning and implementation 




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Building a family business that spans several generations is a remarkable achievement. Such a legacy requires careful planning and a strong commitment to ensure that the family’s values, traditions and prosperity are maintained for years to come. The strategic family and business plan that the Raventós family has developed is a testament to their commitment to maintaining harmonious relationships, managing potential conflicts and promoting sustainable growth. With 18 generations and 618 descendants spread across five branches, the family protocol plays an important role in guiding the family’s business efforts and nurturing the next generation.

In 1999, Mar Raventós, then president of the family, proposed the creation of a comprehensive family protocol. This protocol serves as a guide that includes legal aspects, obligations, solutions to future conflicts, codes of conduct and other important points for the family’s long-term success. By formalising these principles, the family ensures transparency, accountability and unity in all areas.

The Raventós family protocol recognises the importance of personal choices and individual aspirations, and gives each family member the freedom to decide whether to devote themselves to the family business or pursue their own career paths. This approach respects the unique talents, interests and ambitions of each individual and ensures that those who join the company are truly committed and motivated to contribute to its success.

The family protocol emphasises the importance of meritocracy and the inclusion of external expertise. To maintain high standards and recruit the most qualified professionals, the protocol requires that every position within the company must go through a rigorous selection process managed by an independent “headhunter” from outside the company. This approach promotes fair competition and ensures that the most suitable candidates occupy key positions, regardless of their family ties.

To ensure the continued growth of the company and the well-being of family members working in the company, Raventós’ family protocol provides for a system of regular assessments. Family members working in the company are evaluated every two years to determine their job satisfaction and identify possible areas for improvement. This evaluation process allows both the family and the company to adapt to changing needs, seize opportunities and optimise the talents and assets of family members.

Family businesses often face unique challenges due to the complicated mix of family and professional relationships. The Raventós Family Protocol addresses this complexity by providing guidance on conflict resolution and long-term planning. By setting out a clear roadmap for decision-making and ensuring open channels of communication, the protocol helps to maintain harmony within the family and the business, ensuring the continuity of the business across generations.