Scale and internationalisation as a family business’ recipe for success


Name of the provider / Family business 

What’s Cooking (previously Ter Beke)

Professional sector and company size 

Food industry / 3,000 employees

Need/problems/challenge addressed 




What’s Cooking is a well-established Belgian frozen food company with a history dating back to 1948. Initially named Ter Beke, this family-owned company has evolved into a major player in the European food industry.  

What’s Cooking specializes in the production of a diverse range of frozen and fresh convenience food products, including ready-made meals, sandwiches, and processed meats. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and food safety has earned them a strong reputation among consumers and retail partners. With a focus on delivering delicious and convenient meal solutions, What’s Cooking continues to be at the forefront of Belgium’s frozen food market and beyond, catering to the changing tastes and demands of today’s consumers. 

The company has successfully managed to internationalise its production and services through a series of acquisitions. What’s Cooking has acquired French pasta maker Stefano Tosseli and its joint venture in Poland, as well as the British company KK Fine Foods. What’s Cooking has been also holding discussions for the acquisition of a Dutch company, a move that will allow the company to also enter the Dutch market.  

Despite the pressure on prices, the family enterprise has managed to increase its profitability by investing in internationalisation, scale, and efficiency. It thus serves as an example of a family enterprise expanding beyond its initial country and succeeding across Europe.