SFaB, Brussels, Multiplier Event, 30 August 2022

On 30 August 2022, CANDIDE International organised the SFaB national multiplier event at the premises of the Embassy of Greece in Brussels, Belgium. Ηis Excellency Mr. Kalamvrezos, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to Belgium, honoured the participants and organizers of the multiplier event with his presence, welcoming the participants to the Embassy and praising the SFaB project and the significant impact it can have on the development and strengthening of family entrepreneurship in Greece, Belgium, and Europe in general.

The objective of the multiplier event was to raise awareness in the local community of entrepreneurs and relevant audiences in Belgium and to disseminate the goals, activities, and envisaged outcomes of the SFaB project.

The multiplier event was attended by a number of specialists in a wide spectrum of activities from business (especially family business) to law and international development.

More specifically, the participants had the opportunity to witness the lecture of Associate Professor Ioannis Kinias from the University of the Aegean and scientific coordinator of the SFaB project who delved into the unique characteristics of family businesses. Another special guest, Mr. Nikolaos Korogiannakis, EU Business Attorney at Jurispectrum, presented the legal considerations, structure and decision-making in Family businesses in Belgium. The final guest speaker was Mr. Philippe Kotsaridis, founder and director of Trustee Fiskophil, who delivered a presentation concerning the tax advantages of the family business and its transfer.

Overall, the multiplier event was a great chance to make the SFaB project as visible to the community as possible. Thanks to the Belgian financial and legal experts who were invited as key speakers, the event and the SFaB project in general became more widespread, and the already existing momentum of the project was strengthened.