Проектът SFaB има за цел да запълни липсата на информация за това какво знаят собствениците, членовете, мениджърите и служителите на семейния бизнес за своето предприятие и неговите особености, които го отличават от другите видове бизнес.

The goal of the SFaB proposal is to develop a framework for learning and understanding the nature, importance, and uniqueness of family business within the EU. While a significant number of EU enterprises belong to this type of business, it has been stressed by the literature that regardless of the size or type of the business, the challenges they face are common.

The need to overcome those challenges and at the same time to adequately qualify their staff wishes to be met with the implementation of this project.
The specific objectives of the proposal are:

  • To support family businesses in identifying possible threats and dangers for their enterprise and providing them with ways of dealing with them or overcoming the risk.
  • To inform professionals from the fields of sustainability, economics, and generally the business world about Family Businesses, their role, and their importance within the EU market
  • To explore new opportunities and possibilities for cooperation as a crucial part of doing business.
  • Promote the lifelong learning dimension of higher education including innovative ways of learning.
  • Το create an original and innovative educational tool, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Family Business Management that will help participants understand this type of enterprise specific needs and challenges.
  • To offer training of high quality and capacity building to the personnel and members of family business.
  • To provide through the MOOC certification and alongside other E+ tools (ECVET), a practical way of proving one’s capacity in Family Business Management.